Heroic Dog Keeps Lost Girls Safe In Woods For Hours


After guarding two young children who got lost and walked off for hours in the Louisiana woods, a family dog is being hailed as a hero.

In addition to their family Golden Retriever, 7-year-old Abigail Bourg and Cecilia Bourg, 4, were reported missing in Folsom, Louisiana on Monday.

The moment Mary Bourg learned her daughters were gone was described as, “I just start like running around the whole six acre property and that’s when I called my husband and said, ‘They’re gone,'” 

After four hours of searching, police and neighbors eventually found the girls when they heard Artemis barking.

According to Mary Bourg, Artemis first shielded the girls from the search team and wouldn’t allow them to approach the girls.

According to Bourg, “He was circling them and growling at the humans to defend them.”

The family dog is said to have laid on top of the girls when they became exhausted after they had wandered off for more than a mile.

The girls revealed to their family that they had become lost while attempting to follow Artemis after the family had been reunited.

According to Abigail’s father Justin, the family has pardoned Artemis for running away.

“He’s got a free pass for a while. I won’t be fussing at him for chewing up blankets and shoes.”


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