Hostage-Like Video From Biden Is Really Freaking Everybody Out


According to reports, President Joe Biden has made significant progress toward his recovery from COVID-19. Though his symptoms are almost fully under control, it bears repeating that the White House will not make Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s personal physician, immediately accessible to the American people, arguing that letters will have to suffice.

Despite receiving his diagnosis, the president has continued to work, speaking to the media and appearing in various videos. However, a recent one has everyone buzzing. The White House may have produced the video that most closely resembles a hostage situation since the president not only looks and sounds extremely exhausted and ragged, but he also doesn’t blink once during the whole statement.

In the disputed film, which lasts for 17 seconds, the president makes the allegation that it is impossible to support an uprising while still supporting law enforcement, democracy, or the United States of America.

He then criticizes his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, who may very possibly run for office again in 2024, saying that Trump lacked the bravery to take action and adds that this is something that the courageous officers in blue around the country should never forget.

Such a message seeks to relitigate the events of January 6, despite the fact that Americans are much more worried about commonplace dinner table concerns as the midterm elections, which are now less than three months away, approach swiftly.

After Trump delivered a speech in Washington, D.C., Biden persisted in criticizing him. with a string of tweets early on Tuesday. Oddly enough, this included reminding Americans once more of how fervently Biden wants to outlaw so-called assault rifles, a goal that even other Democrats have said is unrealistic.

As Katie pointed out earlier on Tuesday, the president’s video statement omitted certain crucial information, such as how Biden reduced the strategic petroleum reserve to a record-low level.

However, there was a glimmer of truth in the video message, reminding Americans that the suffering is what matters most. Biden has been pushing the shift to a clean energy economy since before he even became office.


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