House GOP Seek to Expunge Trump Impeachments Amongst WH Scandal

Bigger Than WATERGATE - Massive Scandal ERUPTS


Republicans have started the process of submitting resolutions to the House of Representatives that would remove the articles of impeachment against former President Donald Trump. The goal is to completely erase the Democrats’ attempts to impeach Trump.

The Republicans claim that the Democrats did not bear their burden of proof in proving that Trump had committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” or that he had incited or otherwise participated in an armed insurrection or rebellion against the United States government.

The House Republican Conference Chair, Elise Stefanik (R-NY), and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) presented motions that, if approved, would invalidate the Democrats’ Articles of Impeachment. In a press statement, Stefanik claimed that the American people were well aware of how the Democrats had abused the impeachment procedure to further and advance their own radical left-wing political agenda. She claimed that the House Democrats’ disregard for legislative procedure was a transparent attempt to sidestep the Constitution.

According to Greene’s resolution, the 2019 impeachment of former President Donald Trump was founded on a fictitious allegation of willful wrongdoing. The following discoveries in an FBI informant dossier, according to Greene, that the then-Vice-President Joe Biden and his son Hunter accepted a $10 million bribe, show that this premise is untrue. According to her, the FBI’s solid proof of the Biden family’s unethical business transactions vindicates the former president.

The resolutions mark the conclusion of a process that got under way when the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives in November of last year. Both Greene and Stefanik were adamant about emphasizing how they intended to clear the good name of former President Trump as well as the millions of Americans who had been wrongfully characterized by the Democrats as right-wing bigots, extremists, and domestic terrorists.


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