Illegal Aliens Filmed Popping Up Out of Sewers in El Paso


This past week, thousands of illegal immigrants have been crossing America’s open border with Mexico in numbers never previously seen in the history of this nation.

Earlier this week, Bill Melugin of FOX News saw a caravan of more than a thousand people approach El Paso in a single evening.

The situation is so dire that illegal aliens are popping up out of sewers in El Paso, Texas.

KVIA stated:

Last night in Segundo Barrio, ABC 7 crews saw five or six individuals emerge from a manhole and flee.

In the past, migrants have been known to emerge from manholes. The border wall and the manhole are not far apart.

This is also not the first time we have seen people coming out of the manholes in El Paso. Residents of Segundo Barrio have reported seeing numerous people emerge from sewer tunnels and manholes.


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