Israel Confirms Hamas Using Hospitals As Headquarters

Human SHIELDS? Damning Evidence Produced!


The children’s hospital Al-Rantisi in western Gaza has been used by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas as a weapons storage facility, according to a video released by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) lately. The IDF also reported discovering information that raises the possibility that Hamas may have concealed some captives.

Upon visiting the facility, IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari revealed that it was situated next to a Hamas commando leader’s residence. Hagari also mentioned how close the residence was to a school, and he clarified that the terrorist moved there on purpose because he understood that his presence would endanger the civilians nearby.

The spokesperson also included footage of a sizable tunnel that Hamas uses to supply energy to his residence near to the commando leader’s residence. Hagari noted that the IDF was thoroughly exploring the tunnel using “robots,” and disclosed that one of these had discovered that the tunnel led to an explosive-resistant and bulletproof door.

The spokesperson displayed Hamas military hardware in one of the hospital’s rooms in Al-Rantisi. He defined the military hardware as various kinds of explosives and weaponry that are typically employed “for major fights.”

Along with a baby bottle, a woman’s outfit, diapers, a makeshift toilet, and a chair with a rope, he also disclosed a damaged motorcycle. According to Hagari, the IDF thought these might be traces of the hostages’ whereabouts within the medical facility.

The spokesperson said in a briefing to foreign reporters about the video that he thought the room was used to record hostages. He also displayed a chamber with a curtain pressed up against a blank wall and a “improvised ventilation system.” In addition, he asserted that Hamas had committed multiple war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Since declaring war on Hamas, the Israeli government has maintained that some of the terrorist organization’s groups have been based out of Gaza’s hospitals and schools.


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