Johnson Marries Ukraine Aid to Border Security

Just MARRIED? New Speaker Makes BOLD Move!


President Joe Biden is urging Congress to approve legislation that would provide increased assistance to Ukraine. The Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, shares the view that it’s imperative for the United States to prevent Russia from prevailing in the conflict. 

However, conservatives are simultaneously expressing apprehension regarding the situation at the US-Mexico border. The new House leader has resolved to address both these concerns simultaneously.

In a conversation with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on November 1, Johnson discussed the allocation of additional funding for Ukraine. The recently appointed speaker mentioned that the House GOP intends to combine the budgetary measures for supporting Ukraine with those related to border security. 

Johnson conveyed to Hannity that it’s essential for the United States to prioritize its own border security before assisting other nations. Not long after securing the speaker position through a vote, Johnson emphasized to Hannity his conviction that the U.S. must prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin from achieving success in Ukraine. 

He articulated his concerns that should Putin emerge victorious, the conflicts in Ukraine might not come to an end, and such an outcome could potentially embolden China to consider taking action regarding Taiwan.

The speaker’s stance aligns with President Biden’s position. Towards the end of October, the President linked funding for Ukraine and Israel with investments in border security. Biden requested $1.6 billion to recruit 1,600 processing staff and asylum officers. Should Congress give its approval, this move would effectively double the workforce handling asylum cases, enabling the government to expedite the resolution of these cases.

Additionally, he is seeking $4.4 billion in funding for the Department of Homeland Security, designated for the purpose of deporting individuals who do not meet the criteria for asylum, as well as enhancing the financial support for facilities housing migrants. 

Lastly, President Biden has put forth a request for $1.4 billion to recruit over 300 new immigration judges, support staff, and an additional 1,300 Border Patrol agents.


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