Jordan Demands Answers About Blinken’s Role In Hunter Biden Scandal

CIA Director Makes DAMNING Admission - This is Huge!


The administration of former President Donald Trump issued advisories regarding potential election meddling by Russia, China, and other foreign actors in the months before the 2020 election. The warning was similar to those that were issued before the 2016 election. By spreading false information and disinformation, evil actors were attempting to stir up instability. That eventually used as a justification when Big Tech hid a bad story about Joe Biden’s kid.

There were other former intelligence officials engaged, including a former acting director of the CIA who is said to have arranged a letter that made that allegation. The question of whether the current secretary of State was involved is currently being sought by a legislator.

Just a few weeks before Americans went to the polls on Election Day in October 2020, the New York Post published a shocking piece. The tabloid claimed to have been given access to Hunter Biden’s private server. Apparently belonging to the Democratic presidential candidate’s son, the server held a wealth of information, including emails concerning business dealings and graphic images.

Big Tech, however, quickly reduced traffic to the Post’s pages after it revealed the information and buried the links to the reports in the newsfeed. The explanation offered was that the server might be a phony and a component of a wider Russian disinformation campaign. A letter with the signatures of 51 current and former intelligence officials warned such might be the case. According to reports, Michael Morell, a former CIA acting director, coordinated that letter.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) wrote to Secretary of State Antony Blinken on April 20. In support of his assertion that Blinken contacted him in 2020 over the Hunter Biden narrative, he cited testimony Morell submitted to Congress.

The former acting director reportedly told the congressman that he never intended to gather the 51 intelligence professionals, including himself, to make a public statement about the prospect that it might be Russian disinformation.

Morell claimed in his testimony that the letter had two aims. One was to alert the American populace to potential election meddling. The second was to “help former Vice President Biden.”

Blinken was not the secretary of State at the period in issue; Trump was still in office. As a result, the federal government had not given him any authority. He was, nevertheless, working as an adviser for Biden’s campaign. Jordan is interested in learning what role the Biden official played in the intelligence officials’ letter. 

He specifically requested the secretary of state to list all the people Blinken spoke with regarding the letter and any documents connected to it.


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