Journalist Dead After Explosive Incident

Journalist DIES Suddenly - Explosive Reported!


A Russian military blogger named Vladlen Tatarsky was born in the Ukrainian Donbass. His true name was Max Fomin, and before getting into the furniture industry, he was a coal miner, according to Sky News. He apparently committed a crime many years ago and was given a prison sentence, but he escaped. Tatarsky recently earned a living as a blogger who supported Russia in its conflict with Ukraine.

The war correspondent was reportedly attending a conference in St. Petersburg on April 2 when a woman handed him a package containing a miniature figurine. Tatarsky opened the package believing it to be a gift. He was killed when it burst, and at least 16 other people were hurt.

According to Sky News, the blogger wanted Russia to win the war and called Ukraine a “terrorist state.” He also criticized the Russian military. He reportedly chastised Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, and the Russian military for their flimsy attitude to the battle.

In an effort to identify the package’s delivery person, Russian authorities disseminated a photo of the person. The young lady appeared to have blonde hair that reached her shoulders and was dressed in a long, dark dress or outerwear. In a later statement, the police said they had detained Darya Tryopova, 23, on suspicion of committing the crime.

Police were notified of the explosion at the cafe in the early evening, according to the Russian news agency TASS. An new investigation revealed that there were far more injuries than initially believed. According to TASS, there have already been 33 victims, with 8 suffering serious injuries and 14 suffering only minor ones.

A senior Russian official allegedly accused Ukraine for the strike, which Kyiv refuted, according to Sky News. The nation’s foreign ministry, however, refrained from blaming anyone and instead attacked the West for its apparent quiet on Tatarsky’s death.


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