Judge Tells Biden Justice Department to Shove It


A court rejected the Biden Justice Department’s request to carry out its investigation and review the records taken during the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago on August 8. Judge Aileen Cannon, who was a prominent target for the Left since she was a Trump nominee, wasn’t persuaded by the Department of Justice’s claim that the risk to national security is present because their personnel aren’t scrutinizing the information.

Judge Aileen Cannon of the U.S. District Court turned down the Justice Department’s request on Thursday to permit federal prosecutors to continue their examination of classified documents that were retrieved from the Mar-a-Lago residence of former President Donald Trump.

Cannon’s decision rejected department officials’ claims that the data they are attempting to analyze as part of an ongoing criminal investigation remain highly classified or include extremely sensitive defense information that, if made public, may jeopardize national security.

Instead, Cannon selected Raymond Dearie, a senior federal judge in New York, to oversee an impartial examination of the seized documents. He was one of two potential special masters that the Trump campaign suggested, and prosecutors claim that even though he wasn’t one of their initial choices, they still approved of him.

Dearie agreed to the duty in a signed document made public by the court on Thursday evening. More than a month after the Oct. 17 deadline that the Justice Department had most recently asked Cannon to set, Cannon urged him to finish his study by Nov. 30.

Judge Cannon had approved the Trump legal team’s request to appoint a special master and issued an injunction preventing the FBI from further examining the materials. The two attorney factions disagreed about which of their candidates would be suitable. The Trump campaign approved Raymond Dearie, a federal judge from New York, as the special master for the Trump Mar-a-Lago records. He has till November 30 to examine the documents.


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