Latino Voter Predicts Mass Hispanic Exodus From Democrat Party In 2024

Latino Voters To ABANDON Dems in 2024!


Johnny Nunez, a Latino voter, made a startling forecast about a possible mass departure of Hispanics from the Democratic Party in the 2024 elections during an interview on Fox News on Friday.

Nunez claims that there is a rising tide of unhappiness among Latinos that has the potential to alter the political landscape. A “tsunami,” he said, explaining that a major change is underway.

One of the driving forces behind this seismic change highlighted by Nunez is the ongoing cultural war that is gripping the nation. He suggested that the introduction of over-sexualized material in elementary school curricula, coupled with what they perceive as a one-sided media environment, has catalyzed this transformation.

Concerns about the influence of the transgender movement and the perceived politicization of mainstream media have struck a chord within the Hispanic community, leading many to seek alternative perspectives.


Nunez, as shown in this video, is critical of how the Democratic Party has treated the Hispanic vote, saying that they have “taken for granted” the support of Hispanic neighborhoods. “Hispanics are not homogenous,” he said, noting that the group is largely conservative in its beliefs and practices, especially those that center on the family. They think the Republican Party needs to make itself more obvious in Latino communities and show that it cares about the issues that matter to Latino voters.

He admitted that more could be done by the Republican Party to win over Hispanic voters when pressed on the subject. Nunez advised Republicans to get out into the “hood” and build relationships with the Hispanic community there. He thinks that by taking a proactive stance, it will be possible to highlight the shared conservative principles that appeal with many Hispanic voters while also recognizing the intellectual variety within the Hispanic population.

The Democratic Party’s longtime hold on the Hispanic vote is starting to seem tenuous as the 2024 elections approach. The rising disenchantment and yearning for change among Hispanic voters is reflected in Nunuez’s forecast of a major exodus from the Democratic Party. Republicans should take advantage of the chance to court Hispanic voters if they want to win over this crucial demographic.


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