Leftist Paper Goes Up In Flames – Employees FLIP OUT


For years, Americans have been losing faith in the mainstream media, and as viewers and newspaper subscriptions fall, this is beginning to damage outlets. Even major media outlets are now experiencing pain. The Washington Post is the most recent company to begin reducing expenses and workers as reality sets in.

When Post employees showed up for a town hall meeting on December 14, they were informed that an indeterminate number of them would be losing their jobs. After making the announcement, publisher and CEO Fred Ryan added fuel to the fire by declining to take questions and declaring he wouldn’t turn the meeting into a grievance session. That was not well received by the staff, and the crowd erupted in a chorus of protests and irate queries that went unanswered.

Later that day, the newspaper’s main spokesperson, Kathy Baird, issued a statement in which she stated that the anticipated personnel reductions would only represent a single-digit percentage. However, with 2,500 employees, that may still imply hundreds of lost jobs. The staff of the newspaper claim that things are currently rather gloomy. Morale had already taken a significant hit when the Post canceled its Sunday magazine and let the crew that produced it go last month; the most recent announcement has further lowered it.

There are other media outlets making cuts besides The Post. CNN likewise announced layoffs at the end of November, inciting similar resentment among the workers. Naturally, it’s awful when people lose their jobs, but leftist journalists don’t seem to get that if they don’t give the public what they want, it won’t sell. For years, the mainstream media has been leaning left, but it has now crossed the line. Go woke, go broke has once more struck.


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