Lindsey Graham Responds To Russian Arrest Warrant

Not Going ANYWHERE - Senator Throws Jabs!


South Carolina’s Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham, recently issued a challenge to the Kremlin, urging them to present their allegations against him before the International Criminal Court. This move by Graham came shortly after Russian authorities issued an arrest warrant for him in response to his remarks about the Ukraine conflict.

While meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Graham expressed his belief that the military aid provided by the United States to Kyiv was highly valuable. He emphasized that Russians were losing their lives in the conflict, but unfortunately, Russian media manipulated his statement to give the impression that he was celebrating the loss of Russian lives.

In an appearance on Fox News, Lindsey Graham made a strong statement, asserting that he is willing to accept the judgment of the International Criminal Court if Russia agrees to do the same. He even went as far as challenging his Russian acquaintances to take this step. Additionally, Graham stated that the reason behind the Kremlin’s actions, issuing an arrest warrant, was his criticism of President Vladimir Putin’s regime for its alleged war crimes. Furthermore, Graham defiantly dared the Kremlin to present their strongest argument, considering the arrest warrant as a badge and honor.

Shortly after Graham’s remarks, an arrest warrant was issued against him, coinciding with a public call by Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of Russia Today, for his assassination. This incident stirred significant controversy, given that Russia Today is a widely influential media outlet with a global reach.

During an interview on a Russian television network, she made a reference to Pavel Sudoplatov, a Soviet soldier known for his involvement in the assassination of Leon Trotsky. In response to Lindsey Graham’s critical remarks about Russia, she expressed a desire that Sudoplatov’s descendants were still alive. Disturbingly, she further mentioned having access to Graham’s personal address, emphasizing how easily it could be obtained.

Following Simonyan’s comments, the host of the program, Vladimir Solovyov, launched a scathing attack on Graham. He accused Graham of using tainted American funds to support Nazis in Germany, and went as far as labeling him a “Nazi beast.” Additionally, he callously remarked that while Graham would meet his end, the Russian people would endure forever.


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