Liz Cheney Lands a New Job

Disgraced Liz Cheney Just Got A New Role!


Former Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) was previously one of the most influential Republicans in Congress. When she pushed for the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump at the end of his administration, everything changed. She made a decision that ended her career as a congresswoman, but she has since found a new position.

The former congresswoman was hired as a professor practice on March 1 by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. In a tweet, Director Larry Sabato claimed Cheney “serves as a model of political courage and leadership” while American “democracy is under fire.”

Cheney said that she is “delighted”  at joining the UVA staff.  She added she believes working to safeguard the United States’  “constitutional republic is the most important work of our time.” The former representative expressed enthusiasm to work with the faculty and students at the institution.

Cheney, in Sabato’s opinion, is more than just a professor, NBC 29 reported. She was  “in the eye of the storm for the past several years.”

Cheney undoubtedly possesses the background in politics required to serve at the Center for Politics. She was surrounded by Republican politics when she was a little kid. Dick Cheney, her father, was George Bush’s vice president for eight of those years.

In addition, he served as the Defense Secretary, House Minority Whip, Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff under President Gerald Ford. Liz Cheney served as both the chair of the House Republican Conference and the representative for Wyoming’s at-large district, two roles that her father previously held.

The former congressman Cheney is also said to be considering a 2024 presidential candidacy. Although though she hasn’t announced her candidacy yet, others assume she will because she promised to do “whatever it takes” to prevent former President Donald Trump from earning a second term. She has acknowledged that she is contemplating.


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