Man Holds Women Hostage On Flight!


On a trip from New York to Salt Lake City, Utah, a drunken guy kidnapped a woman and held her prisoner with a razor blade.

The man, Merrill Darrell Fackrell, 41, of Syracuse, Utah, travelled to Salt Lake City on a JetBlue flight on Monday from JFK.

Fackrell reportedly turned to the female passenger seated next to him, instructed her to remove her headphones, and then placed a razor blade to her throat.

The man eventually let go of the woman, and a good Samaritan intervened.

Federal prosecutors are accusing a Utah man of possessing and using a straight razor blade on a flight from New York to Salt Lake City.

The man, Merrill Darrell Fackrell, 41, of Syracuse, was detained and charged with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon and Carrying a Weapon on an Aircraft under the Special Aircraft Jurisdiction of the United States.

According to court records, he consumed a number of alcoholic beverages before the incident.

Documents show that at some time during the flight, Fackrell turned to the woman sitting next to him and asked her to pause her movie.

According to court records, the victim discovered Fackrell had his palm gripped with what seemed to be a knife just inches from her throat when she pulled off her headphones.

According to reports, the woman lunged into the aisle to get away from Fackrell while her husband proceeded to ask a flight attendant for assistance. She was able to get to the front of the plane despite his attempt to stop her by clutching her shoulder.

After it was discovered, the item was identified as a one- to two-inch straight-edge Facon razor with a wood handle, according to authorities.


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