Man Missing At Sea For Days Found Alive Adrift In Life Raft In Middle Of Pacific

They Found HIM Alive! Unimaginable!


The US Coast Guard has confirmed that a mariner who had been lost at sea for many days off the Washington coast has been located safe and sound in a life raft hundreds of miles from land. A second man remains missing.

According to the Coast Guard, two passengers were aboard the 43-foot Evening when it set sail from Westport, Washington on October 12.

The boat was supposed to return on October 15 but never arrived.

An eight-hour search encompassing 14,000 square miles off the coast was conducted by the Coast Guard after they were notified of the missing vessel earlier this week, but the search was called off on Wednesday.

A life raft was discovered on Thursday night, some 70 miles northwest of Cape Flattery, Washington and west of Vancouver Island by a different ship.

The Coast Guard stated one of the missing sailors was inside.

The Canadian Coast Guard was called by the Good Samaritan ship, and a plane was sent to bring the injured guy to British Columbia for medical care.

According to the US Coast Guard, his status is stable.

The fate of the second sailor is still unknown. What happened to Evening is still being looked into by the Coast Guard.


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