Migrant Woman Rescued from Top of Border Wall in Arizona


Border Patrol personnel from Yuma Sector rescued a migrant lady who had become stuck atop a border wall gate. After attempting to unlawfully jump over the wall, the migrant lady became stranded.

On June 7, Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Chris T. Clem tweeted a photo of a Border Patrol agent ready to rescue a lady who had become caught on the ledge of an 18-foot tall border wall gate.

The woman was successfully pulled from the wall and lowered to safety, where she was arrested for unlawfully entering the United States. Officials did not say what country the migrant woman came from.

It was also unknown if the illegal immigrant woman is traveling alone or with a companion.

A few days before the aforementioned incident, another migrant woman had suffered a significant ankle injury after being lowered from the top of a 30-foot border wall in the El Centro Sector.

Smugglers also used a rope to lower the woman’s son from the wall, endangering him as well. The mother’s seriously wounded ankle was treated right away by the agents.

Border Patrol Agents work nonstop to confront traffickers’ total disregard for human life.


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