More Charges for Democratic Lawmaker Revealed

More Legal TROUBLES Hit Top Democrat - Here's What We Know!


Towards the end of June, a state senator from Rhode Island was taken into custody on accusations of damaging a vehicle, supposedly triggered by a conservative bumper sticker that offended him. In an attempt to escape responsibility, he resorted to dishonesty but was ultimately caught due to the available evidence. As a consequence, he may now encounter additional charges for his endeavor to mislead law enforcement officers.

On June 22, outside the Garden City Center in Cranston, Rhode Island, a couple experienced a notable incident as they were heading back to their car. They were startled by a distinct scratching noise, prompting them to investigate further. Upon reaching their vehicle, which displayed a bumper sticker expressing dissatisfaction with Joe Biden, they observed a lengthy scratch on the door. To their surprise, a man was present nearby, holding keys in his hand.

The vehicle owner inquired about his involvement in keying the car, but the man refuted the accusation and departed from the scene. At that moment, the frustrated owner noticed a truck parked adjacent to his car, adorned with a “Re-Elect Josh Miller” sticker. Curiosity piqued, he conducted an online search on Miller and realized that he was the same individual seen with the keys. 

Subsequently, the owner contacted the police to report the incident. After a span of two hours, law enforcement located Miller, who once again denied any responsibility for the damage. Instead, he counter-alleged that the car owner had threatened and singled him out due to his support for gun control. The police summoned the victim back to the location, where he positively identified Miller as the person he had witnessed holding the keys. However, lacking further evidence, the authorities released the senator.

However, the narrative did not conclude there. The Cranston Police Department examined the surveillance footage from the parking lot, which unequivocally revealed Miller engaging in the act of vandalizing the victim’s vehicle. Consequently, the authorities took him into custody, charging him with misdemeanor vandalism. Presently, Police Colonel Michael Winquist has conveyed that the city solicitor is contemplating adding an obstruction of justice charge to the initial offense. Meanwhile, Joe Powers, the chairman of the Rhode Island Republican Party, is urging Miller to step down from his position as a legislator.


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