More Crime Grips San Francisco

Sick! Liberals Let Violent Criminals Free


The current state of San Francisco is terrible. The authorities have not yet addressed the persistent and pervasive issue of crime.

There have been occasions when Democrats have condemned lawlessness and open criminality. They allow individuals to harm others and destroy property with few repercussions due to their policy.

San Francisco also contributed to the nationwide trend of defunding police departments, which has always ended badly anywhere it’s been done.

A new miscarriage of justice, so claims Hot Air, has its core in the city with the deepest shade of blue.

This is a Nightmare

A homeless man armed with a crowbar savagely attacked former San Francisco fire commissioner Don Carmignani. We don’t know what set off this brutal assault. Nonetheless, Carmignani was in critical condition afterward and required extensive medical care.

He had to have dozens of sutures put into his serious wounds and shattered jaw.

The homeless man has not been charged despite the seriousness of the incident.

San Francisco’s district attorney concluded, against the evidence shown by the video showing Carmignani being attacked, that the homeless guy was acting in self-defense.

Bad News For the Public

People are more likely to imitate his behavior if he can brutally beat another person with a crowbar and not face any charges for it. What’s to stop them, after all?

San Francisco’s district attorney has just established a disastrous and maybe lethal pattern. It’s possible that the homeless assailant will feel encouraged to commit further violence at any time.

It also implies that criminals in San Francisco have a good probability of avoiding legal consequences for their actions. More and more Americans are leaving blue cities because of cases like these.


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