Mr. Bungle Saxophone Player Arrested for Murdering Girlfriend



A prominent musician from California has been apprehended under suspicion of murdering his girlfriend, Alice Kamakaokalani, who went missing in early December. Authorities have shifted their focus to a homicide inquiry, with Theobald “Theo” Lengyel, the former saxophonist of Mr Bungle, identified as the primary suspect.

Established in 1985 in Eureka, California, the formation of the experimental rock group Mr Bungle provided a haven for musicians who had been expelled from a particularly unpleasant gothic metal band and a similarly disagreeable metal band. Among the founding members was saxophonist Theo Lengyel, who initially contributed to Mr Bungle’s debut demo album before transitioning into a full-time role. 

However, after eleven years, the other band members decided to part ways with Lengyel. Bassist Trevor Dunn cited a lack of growth in tandem with the rest of the band and a diminishing scope of responsibilities as reasons for the decision. The separation, evidently, was not amicable.

Following his departure from the band, Lengyel shifted his focus to the field of software and programming, eventually establishing residence in the Santa Cruz region. In 2017, he underwent a divorce amid allegations of domestic violence. Subsequent to this period, Lengyel crossed paths with Alice Kamakaokalani Herrmann from Capitola, California, and the two initiated a romantic relationship.

On December 3, Kamakaokalani was last observed in Santa Cruz, and her family filed a missing person report after nine days. A subsequent investigation by the police revealed her car stationed outside Lengyel’s residence. By December 17, the El Cerrito Police Department disclosed that they had reached out to Lengyel; however, he did not collaborate with their inquiry, leading them to categorize him as a person of interest.

Authorities discovered a body in Tilden Regional Park near Berkeley, suspected to be Kamakaokalani. The Contra Costa County Coroner’s Office is awaiting DNA confirmation to ascertain the identity of the deceased.

Lengyel was apprehended at his El Cerrito residence on January 3, facing first-degree murder charges in connection with Kamakaokalani’s case. Authorities asserted that their investigation uncovered evidence of foul play in her disappearance, leading to Lengyel emerging as the primary suspect.


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