Murderer Executed for Ghastly Crime

He's DEAD - Justice SERVED After 22 Years!


When Alexandra Flores embarks on her career and post-college life, she ought to be in her late 20s. She regrettably never completed elementary school. The man who took her life has now been put to death in Texas.

David Renteria, 53, was executed in Texas on November 16. This was the eighth execution of the death penalty in this year by the state. Only a few months after the devastating terrorist attacks that rocked the world, 5-year-old Flores was killed by Renteria.

Flores was abducted from a Walmart store on November 18, 2001, while she was out Christmas shopping with her parents. Renteria is a registered sex offender. He gave her two blows to the head, choked the young girl, and set her entire body on flames. 

Authorities discovered her body in an alley about sixteen miles away the following day. Authorities presented evidence during the defendant’s trial that the blood in the defendant’s sample matched the child who had died.

In 2006, Renteria’s death sentence was overturned by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The judges found that the prosecution had presented false evidence, suggesting that the defendant had no remorse for killing the young girl. He was sentenced to death once more in 2008.

Renteria confided in Flores’ family just before he passed away that he reflects on his daily activities. He expressed his wish for them to find serenity and asserted that he was aware of their suffering. For all the wrongs he’d done in his life, he pleaded for forgiveness.

Sandra Frausto, the elder sister of Flores, spoke to her sister after witnessing Renteria’s execution. She said that although her sister had been robbed of a lovely life 22 years prior, she could now at last be at peace.


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