Muslims Standing Up Against the Left’s LGBTQ Agenda

Muslims Standing Up Against the Left’s LGBTQ Agenda


For many years, the strategy of bringing Muslim immigrants to Western countries with the aim of altering the demographics has benefited liberal political groups in elections. However, in certain areas, Muslims are now expressing their disagreement with the left’s LGBTQ agenda, particularly when it comes to its influence on children through the education system.

According to an article published in the Canadian newspaper The Star on Friday, June 9, three schools in west-end Ottawa witnessed opposing protests regarding the teaching of gender identity in schools. Some protesters were against the inclusion of LGBTQ-related content in the curriculum for children, while counter-protesters showed their support for it.

Joel Harden, a Member of Provincial Parliament representing Ottawa Centre, and a member of the New Democratic Party, alleged that he was physically assaulted by a woman while participating in a demonstration in support of queer and trans youth. However, his assertion was questioned by other sources which suggested that he inadvertently injured himself with a megaphone.

The media coverage failed to acknowledge an important aspect of the event, both in terms of visuals and the overall narrative, which involved the participation of Muslims in the protesting group. Independent journalist Andy Ngo shared a video clip from the protest footage, highlighting the presence of Muslim men and women expressing their disagreement with LGBTQ content in schools. The video depicts a woman urging her young son to step on pride flags, symbolizing her opposition to the LGBTQ community.

There has been a longstanding political alliance between liberal governments in Western countries and Muslim immigrants from various parts of the world, with both sides benefiting from this alliance. Liberals have supported the mass immigration and settlement of Muslims in the West, while Muslims have provided electoral support to liberals, aiding their acquisition and retention of political power. 

However, the recent participation of Muslims in protests against the LGBTQ agenda has the potential to create a political divide between these two allies. This possibility was evident shortly after the protest in Ottawa, as highlighted by Canadian journalist Élie Cantin-Nantel. He shared a tweet from a liberal educator who expressed dissatisfaction with Muslims joining conservatives in protesting against the LGBTQ movement’s influence on children. The educator suggested implementing a new screening process for immigrants to ensure their adherence to Canada’s Human Rights Code.

In a separate incident in Edmonton, Alberta, a teacher at a junior-high school who identifies as liberal became upset and scolded Muslim students in her class for not participating in pride (LGBTQ) activities organized by the school. The audio recording of the teacher’s outburst was shared on the platform Rumble by Rebel News.

This audio recording served as evidence that many Muslim immigrants living in Western countries do not share or endorse the LGBTQ agenda promoted by the political left. It also indicated that they are instructing their children to refrain from participating in pride events and related activities.

Recently, in Maryland, Muslim parents joined a protest outside the headquarters of the Montgomery County public school district. Their demonstration aimed to express opposition to the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism in schools. During the protest, the Muslim participants chanted slogans advocating for religious freedom and the protection of their children. These demands align with well-known conservative concerns in the United States.


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