NEW STUDY Finds Thousands Of Fraudulent Voter Registrations

NEW STUDY Finds Thousands Of Fraudulent Voter Registrations


Journal of Information Warfare (JIW) published a new study that verified a “loss of control” in New York’s voter database. The audit of voter registers conducted by the research showed “hundreds of thousands of illegally generated registrations in the official NYXBOE voter rolls,” as reported by UncoverDC.

In July of 2021, NY Citizens Audit Executive Director Marly Hornik and NY Citizens Audit Director of Research Andrew Paquette, Ph.D., recruited over 2,000 volunteers from across the state. For what Paquette claims were “political reasons,” the JIW first rejected Paquette’s paper detailing the results of the NY Citizens Audit.

After some time, three JIW specialists studied Paquette’s article and agreed with his findings, with only “minor corrections,” as described by Hornik.

According to the paper, “New York State voters are assigned two identification numbers. This study has discovered strong evidence that both numbers have been algorithmically manipulated to produce steganographically concealed record attribute information.” The “secret fraudulent phantom voter infrastructure” makes tracking the manipulation difficult, Paquette explained.

Another excerpt from the study states, “The data uncovered by NYCA’s research suggests that systemic election fraud is built into New York’s electoral records.” According to Paquette’s theory, fraudulent ballots were cast after fake voters were added to voter lists, absentee ballots were obtained by fake registrants, and the fake registrants actually voted.

The exact number is unknown, but it is not less than about 338,000 for registrations active for the 2020 General Election (NYCA [New York Citizens Audit] 2022). If other elections are included, the number of apparently illegal registrations jumps to between 1.2 and 2.4 million, the report states.

The audit uncovered one fake voter who had 22 separate registrations, all of which demanded absentee ballots be mailed to the same leased mailbox. It was also possible to find similar instances.

All 62 of New York’s counties were analyzed, and all 62 had algorithms. Almost two-thirds (53.93%) of the state’s voter ID numbers were generated using a program that “allows a hidden attribute tag to be added.”


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