Newsom Picks A Fight With Republicans

Newsom Picks A FIGHT With Republicans - It's Heating Up!


In a recent interview, Governor Gavin Newsom of California expressed his disapproval of Republican congressional members, characterizing them as overly accommodating in their interactions with former President Trump, particularly concerning border policy matters. Newsom conveyed his specific dissatisfaction with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, alleging that McConnell openly succumbs to Trump’s influence. Additionally, he directed critique at Speaker of the House Mike Johnson for what seemed like a hesitancy to engage in negotiations.

In a discussion on MSNBC, Newsom expressed his frustrations regarding the Republican Party’s stance under Trump’s influence, characterizing it as an evident yet overlooked concern. He pointed to a particular incident where Trump utilized social media to undermine negotiations, emphasizing the party’s apparent lack of determination to resist such orders.

Newsom’s remarks are rooted in McConnell’s acknowledgment to fellow Republicans that achieving reforms in border security, coupled with assistance for Ukraine, was proving more challenging than initially expected, partly due to Trump’s resistance. McConnell even proposed separating the aid for Ukraine from border security measures as a strategy to maneuver through the deadlock.

In the face of these difficulties, certain Senate Republicans, advocating for Ukraine aid and aiming for a middle ground with Democrats on border security, are turning to Trump’s associates with the expectation that they can persuade him against obstructing the deliberations.

As the chair of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, Senator Joni Ernst has called upon supporters of Trump, urging them to intervene and advocate for a pause in his critical remarks until the legislative details are thoroughly scrutinized. This highlights the persisting intricacies within Republican ranks, shaped by Trump’s position on pivotal issues.


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