Obama’s Brother Calls Him A TRAITOR – See Why!


Oh my, can you believe he just said this?

Look at the date and time: November 10, 2022.

In case he deletes it—which, I don’t believe he will—here is a screenshot:


Literally called it out: a TRAITOR.

That implies treason against the United States, right?

It could perhaps signify something different.

A traitor to their country of origin, perhaps…

Perhaps it denotes a betrayer to their family…

Or all of the aforementioned.

I’m not sure.

In response, he doubled down and said that in addition to being a traitor, he had also “sold his soul”.

Look at this:

And take a look at one of the comments he addressed: How horrible must Hussein truly be if his own family hates him this much?

It’s not the first time Malik has outed his brother… There have been other rumors that Malik has reported on but is this just all for the spotlight or is there truth behind it?


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