Pence Doubles Down Against Trump

SAVAGE Interview - He Just DOUBLED DOWN!


Presidential hopeful and ex-Vice President Mike Pence restated his position on the 2021 Capitol insurrection in an interview with CNN on August 5th. During the conversation with host Dana Bash, the Republican candidate emphasized that he has no remorse for disregarding alleged pressure from former President Donald Trump to invalidate the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Pence clarified that on that particular day, Trump believed he possessed a certain entitlement to accept or reject electoral votes, a stance not previously taken by any vice president in American history. Pence further conveyed that he firmly believes no individual should possess the unilateral power or authorization to independently determine the result of a United States presidential election.

In response to inquiries regarding the days leading up to the Capitol riots, Pence informed Bash that Trump engaged in discussions about the possibility of disregarding votes. Pence went on to mention that Trump’s legal advisors proposed the idea of sending votes back to the respective states.

Pence conveyed that the team surrounding the former president requested him to invalidate the results of the presidential election, even though he lacked the constitutional authority to do so. The Republican candidate for presidency then expressed to the CNN host that the position of the U.S. president ultimately belongs to the American populace and no other entity, not even the commander-in-chief, holds exclusive claim to it.

These assertions from Mike Pence are not novel occurrences. The head of the Republican Party reiterated that during the inception of his presidential campaign in June, Trump presented a choice between himself and the Constitution. During this occasion, the ex-vice president addressed the audience, stating that Trump’s irresponsible rhetoric imperiled everyone at the Capitol in 2021. Pence emphasized that Trump’s stance was incorrect then and continues to be misguided now, underscoring his unwavering allegiance to the American Constitution.

While the candidate for presidency has consistently upheld the notion that the former president should be afforded the presumption of innocence, he acknowledged his reservations regarding the First Amendment. Nevertheless, he conveyed his trust in his legal team to tackle this matter effectively.


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