Police Issue Laughable Advice Amidst Massive Crime Wave

Sick JOKE? Police Issue LAUGHABLE Advice!


Oakland, located in California, is currently experiencing a significant surge in criminal activities. The recently elected progressive district attorney is focused on reducing the incarceration of offenders. Meanwhile, advocacy groups with liberal inclinations are advocating for an increase in law enforcement presence and more stringent sentencing. In response to the challenging situation, the city’s police department has advised residents on a safety measure — the recommendation is to acquire an air horn as a means of self-protection.

The Oakland chapter of the NAACP, which traditionally has not been supportive of law enforcement, has addressed the city council with strong criticism for endorsing the “defund the police” initiative. Frustration has led residents to leave the area due to their lack of security outside their residences.

Simultaneously, District Attorney Pamela Price is initiating fresh inquiries into incidents involving officers and fatalities that span up to 15 years in the past. Alongside this, she is advancing new sentencing standards aimed at reducing incarceration for criminals. As expected, crime rates are on the rise, prompting residents to demand effective actions to address the situation.

Regrettably, the concerns raised by the residents are not receiving substantial attention from the Oakland Police Department. In the previous month, Cynthia Adams, the president of the Oakland NAACP, urged the city to declare a state of emergency and deploy significant law enforcement resources to reinstate lawfulness. Contrarily, the police’s response recommends that residents acquire an air horn and employ it to signal neighbors in case of a home intrusion.

Toni Bird, a resident of Oakland, has taken precautions by placing three air horns and installing five security cameras around her residence. Despite these measures, she continues to experience a lack of security. Despite the challenges, she remains hopeful about the potential for improvement and has chosen to remain in the city. However, not everyone shares her optimism. Another resident, Kristin Cook, has decided to leave Oakland due to mounting concerns. She expressed her fear of driving at night due to the prevalence of carjackings. This concern is heightened as her son is about to begin driving, and she fears for his safety, especially at stoplights where the risk is elevated due to his possession of a nice car. Kristin is skeptical that an air horn would suffice to safeguard her son’s life.


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