Pope Francis Attempts to Deflect from White Flag Controversy

Pope Francis Sparks UPROAR - Instant Backlash!


Russia initiated an invasion of Ukraine over two years back, with Russian President Vladimir Putin attempting to assert control over the neighboring nation since then. The Ukrainian armed forces have managed to resist Russia’s advances, largely due to support from Western-supplied weaponry. Pope Francis recently weighed in on the conflict, sparking widespread dissemination of his remarks. It’s now reported that he is seeking to alter the prevailing narrative surrounding the situation.

Over the past few days, the pope has been actively endorsing his latest book titled “Life: My Journey Through History,” which was released on March 19. Pope Francis affirmed his commitment to remain in office, dismissing any speculation about resignation. Despite being 87 years old, he expressed confidence in his health to sustain his duties. This book promotion followed closely after the pope commented on the ongoing conflict and faced criticism from various quarters.

During an interview in early March, the pope addressed the Ukraine conflict, echoing a journalist’s use of the term “white flag.” Speaking with Swiss broadcaster RSI, he urged Ukrainians to muster the courage for dialogue. Pope Francis posed a poignant question, pondering the toll of casualties necessary to halt the war. He emphasized that Ukrainian President Volodymyr shouldn’t hesitate to engage in negotiations to prevent further escalation.

Zelenskyy reacted to the pope’s comments without directly mentioning him. He commended the religious figures in Ukraine who stood at the forefront, highlighting their unity with the people, contrasting it with distant mediation. Zelenskyy emphasized the church’s role in supporting those who seek to preserve life amidst the threat of destruction.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba urged the Vatican to stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their struggle for survival. He emphasized their unwavering allegiance to the blue and yellow flag, stressing that Ukrainians live, die, and achieve victory under its banner, with no intention of raising any other flags.


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