Popular TV host Exposes Dem’s New Green Deal Bill On Americans


Recently, Brian Kilmeade of Fox News and well-known TV broadcaster Mike Rowe talked about the Democrats’ new green spending bill.

Rowe, who is well known for his work on the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” spoke out against the Democrats’ bill due to its great hazards and “unintended consequences.”

Rowe warned that if fossil fuels are seen negatively, “you will reap the whirlwind of unintended consequences.”

Rowe disputed the notion that oil and natural gas could be eliminated in America by simply flipping a switch.

“When you talk about flipping a switch and getting rid of oil and natural gas and even coal, for that matter, you would hasten that Armageddon to an exponential factor. There are 30 billion people right now still burning wood and dung. If you want to bring them into the modern world, you’re not going to do it with wind. You’re not going to do it with solar. You’re not going to do it with hydro.”

He continued, “When we call a bill something it isn’t, that’s an overreaction. When we want to talk about reforming the police, we don’t talk about ‘reforming’ them, we talk about ‘defunding them’ – just tear it down.”

Rowe concluded, “Fossil fuels can’t be ‘problematic’ they have to be ‘the enemy,’ and they have to be ‘ended now.”


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