Psaki Slips up on Who Is in Charge at the WH


Psaki got into issue after saying on The View that Americans should take a kickboxing class or have a margarita to get over their disappointment about the Democrats’ inability to pass voting rights legislation.

When asked about her plans to quit her job in the future, she made a big mistake regarding who’s in charge at the White House.

During his news conference on Wednesday, Biden questioned the legality of the 2022 election, according to Ana Navarro of “The View.” Navarro said that Psaki emphasized that this isn’t what Biden was talking about (which was a falsehood by Psaki), but then she fueled illegitimacy rumors herself.

Navarro said that there were a slew of state laws that would limit people’s capacity to vote [there are none. She further alleged that “160 ‘Big Lie’ adherents” were competing for statewide offices, giving them control over our elections. In other words, how dare there be someone in power who isn’t a Democrat?


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