Rabbi Calls Out Cory Booker for Fleeing From the Bombs He Helped Fund

Top Dem SMASHED - He Watched the Bombs Fall!


Following the initial Hamas attack, Representative Cory Booker (D-NJ) posted a video of himself in Israel, which went viral on social media. While tens of thousands of Americans sought an exit, the representative quickly left the country. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach was enraged by his actions because he believes Booker contributed to the funding of the bombs he so famously avoided.

On October 8’s afternoon, Booker published his video to X, a platform for social media that replaced Twitter. He described a terrifying incident in which he and other terrified witnesses, some of whom were other Americans, fled the streets and hid in a hotel stairwell as thousands of rockets were launched. The representative urged peace and condemned the terrorist attack.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which offered the Islamic country significant relief from sanctions and opened up $150 billion to Tehran, was approved by the US and a number of other countries in 2015. According to Boteach, who writes for Breitbart, without the JCPOA, Iran would not have been able to help fund Hamas, which would have prevented it from being able to attack Israel. 

According to Boteach, he pleaded with Booker, a friend until that point, not to support the agreement by informing him that Iran was funding Hezbollah and Hamas. The day Booker pledged his support for the Iran nuclear deal in Congress, he continued, marked the end of their friendship.

Recent claims that Iran did indeed assist Hamas in planning its deadly massacre in Israel were covered by The Wall Street Journal. Although it acknowledged the long-standing relationship between the two Muslim groups, the UN continues to insist that its investigators haven’t discovered any conclusive evidence linking Tehran to the attack.

According to Boteach, everyone who contributed to the JCPOA’s empowerment of Iran bears some responsibility for the heinous murder committed by Hamas in Israel on October 7.


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