Republican Brass Blast FBI for Defying Order

Feds DEFY ORDER From Top Lawmakers - Something Is Wrong!


Senior Republican politicians are extremely angry as the FBI failed to meet the deadline for addressing a subpoena. A crucial committee in the House is demanding that the Bureau provide documentation that claims President Joe Biden participated in a bribery plot. However, the FBI is uncooperative and appears intent on retaining possession of the document.

Ranking member James Comer (R-KY) of the House Oversight Committee and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) issued a subpoena to the FBI on May 3, demanding the Bureau provide a document that addresses allegations of misconduct by then-Vice President Biden. The deadline for turning over the document was one week, but the FBI has not complied and shows no signs of intending to do so. Acting Assistant Director Christopher Dunham responded to Comer on May 10, stating that releasing the requested document may expose confidential source information.

The requested document, known as an FD-1023, is a form used to record information obtained from a source during a meeting by a handler. It falls under the category of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) reports. These reports are tightly controlled due to the potential risk of identifying the source, even though they should not include personal details or the source’s name. Dunham contends that the FBI has an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of its sources. He points out that while Congress has the right to request information, Justice Department policy does not mandate the release of raw investigation materials such as an FD-1023. Instead, Dunham offered to provide the specific information sought by the Oversight Committee but not the actual form itself.

The lawmakers express dissatisfaction with the FBI’s reply. Comer highlights that Dunham’s letter confirms the existence of the requested FD-1023, and he finds it “unacceptable” that the FBI is willing to provide the information but refuses to allow verification by granting access to the original report. Grassley states that the FBI’s letter raises further inquiries, asserting that the American people have a right to obtain certain answers.


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