Residents Forced To Hire Private Security – They’re NOT Happy!


Every day throughout the Biden Administration, the security of the southern border of the United States has decreased and weakened.

Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott felt compelled to call the influx of unauthorized immigrants a “invasion” of his state.

Texas will keep taking extraordinary measures to relieve our overburdened border communities and secure the border while Biden does nothing.

Americans living in the southernmost regions of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico are suffering as a result of sloppy and harmful border policies that were begun at the federal level.

Yuma, Arizona residents have taken the situation into their own hands.

To defend their homes and property from the tens of thousands of unauthorized immigrants who cross the border every day, some families have even resorted to hiring their own private protection.

Police cannot guarantee that they will be safe from persons from other nations.

It seems to me like a straightforward invasion.

Additionally, they are compelled to pay for private security with their own money, apparently. It sounds like a tale from the American West.

The sheriffs and their officers lack the means to curtail the widespread criminal activity and property devastation.

Maybe this will alert people to the problems at the border at last.

This week, Donald Trump declared that he will run for president in 2024. His agenda will surely include a strong emphasis on border security.

Our country is being invaded by millions upon millions of strangers, many of whom are doing so for extremely evil and sinister reasons, as our southern border has been removed.

It is debatable whether building his border wall to completion will help solve the problem, but it is unquestionable that something needs to be done, and that we must begin somewhere, to stop the influx of undocumented immigrants.

Politicians must start speaking out and attempting to assist those Americans who are adversely impacted by this immigration crisis.

Instead, a lot of people are skirting the subject and engaging in political posturing in an effort to appear politically acceptable.


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