Retired 9/11 Firefighter Dies at 91 Years Old

He's GONE - At 91 Years Old


Bob Beckwith, the New York City firefighter who became famous for his presence alongside President George W. Bush following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, passed away at 91. Beckwith passed due to health issues linked to his courageous actions at Ground Zero.

In a statement released on February 5, Former President Bush conveyed his sorrow over Beckwith’s demise, reminiscing about the retired firefighter’s bravery during the tragic event. Bush reflected on how Beckwith, despite being retired after thirty years with the New York City Fire Department, promptly answered the call to action when terrorists attacked.

The announcement of Beckwith’s death came initially from former U.S. Representative Peter King, who hailed him as an “American icon” and a prime representation of the FDNY’s finest. Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, profoundly impacted by their mutual 9/11 ordeal, warmly recalled Beckwith as a cornerstone of the community.

Beckwith’s influence endures through his grandson, Matt, who serves in Blakeman’s office, embodying a commitment to duty and service. Family members disclosed that Beckwith’s passing was partly attributed to health complications arising from his selfless deeds at Ground Zero.

On September 14, 2001, Beckwith’s memorable moment standing next to President Bush amid the debris at Ground Zero struck a chord with a mourning nation. Even though he had retired, Beckwith, then 69 years old, was driven to contribute to the rescue operations, putting on his former firefighter attire and aiding in the quest for survivors.

His unplanned meeting with President Bush, during which he was encouraged to remain by his side, became a lasting emblem of solidarity and determination amidst hardship. This poignant instance, immortalized by news cameras and showcased on the cover of Time magazine, portrayed Beckwith as a symbol of bravery.

Although some of his former colleagues in the fire department had concerns about his age during rescue missions, Beckwith’s appearance at Ground Zero, identifiable by his iconic helmet, stands as evidence of his steadfast dedication to duty and selflessness.

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh honored Beckwith, recognizing his altruistic service and the significant influence of his association with President Bush. She praised him as one among numerous retired FDNY members who united to assist in the search and rescue endeavors.


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