RFK. Jr. Explodes on Podcast, Drops Startling Accusation

JOLTING Accusation - RFK Jr. Drops a Bomb!


In a recent appearance on The Run-Up election podcast by The New York Times, Independent presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. alleged that the newspaper merely served as a tool for the Democratic Party. These remarks were made towards the end of the episode, following Kennedy’s assertion that his campaign aims to assess its viability and attract Americans disinclined to support either former President Donald Trump or President Joe Biden.

Reports suggest that Democrats are expressing concerns that the 70-year-old environmental lawyer could potentially aid Trump in winning the presidential election by siphoning votes from President Biden due to his liberal-leaning policies. Rather than directly confronting these apprehensions, host Astead Herndon guided the discussion by inquiring whether the independent candidate perceived himself as immune to the ramifications of the electoral outcome, thus allowing for a better understanding of his impact on the race.

Kennedy replied that he wasn’t taken aback by such comments, as it’s common for reporters to inquire whether he’s acting as a spoiler in the election. He further mentioned his uncertainty regarding which candidate’s votes he might attract, emphasizing that his primary focus is on his own presidential campaign.

Herndon also questioned Kennedy about his awareness of his influence on the race, noting the historical challenges independent candidates face in the United States. In response, the environmental lawyer expressed confidence in his potential positive impact on the nation. He elaborated by stating his belief that his campaign differed from others because it was led by individuals who held a deep affection for the country.

Kennedy also conveyed to Herndon that the sizable portion of individuals, constituting 70 percent, who oppose a presidential election rematch between Trump and President Biden deserve an alternative option. He remarked that he perceives The New York Times to dissent from this viewpoint. The independent candidate then asserted that the newspaper served as a tool for both the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Party, going as far as to suggest he anticipated the newspaper would manipulate his statements to favor Biden.


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