Robert Kennedy Jr. Joins Race for President

He's RUNNING - Joe Has A Challenger!


In the forthcoming 2024 presidential election, Robert Kennedy Jr. decided to run. He effectively declared his candidacy for the position of president of the United States by registering with the Federal Election Commission and running as a Democrat.

Kennedy Jr. comes from one of the most well-known political families in America. He is the progeny of the late Bobby Kennedy, a presidential hopeful in 1968 who lost his life in the course of his campaign after winning the California primary. Kennedy Jr. is also the nephew of John F. Kennedy, a former president who was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, in November 1963 while traveling in a presidential motorcade.

Kennedy Jr. has worked as an environmental lawyer for over three decades and is renowned for his work with the National Resources Defense Council and Hudson Riverkeeper, where he handled disputes involving water contamination and safeguarded Native American sites. Kennedy Jr., 69, now resides in California but worked briefly as an assistant district attorney in New York City earlier in his career.

He receives a lot of flak for adopting a staunchly anti-vaccination attitude. He founded the Children’s Health Defense, an activist group that received a large amount of financial backing in 2020 and reported earnings of around $7 million. 

The group calls itself a proponent of improving child health, but detractors call it a propagandist. In reality, Meta, the parent corporation of Instagram and Facebook, barred the Children’s Health Defense from using social media because of frequent infractions of its guidelines on such topics.

Both sides of the political spectrum are shaping up their respective presidential campaigns for 2024. Democrats have been slower to the starting line than Republicans, who have a growing list of names. Marianne Williamson, a self-help author and Oprah Winfrey’s spiritual guide, has officially signed up for the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate list for her second run. The 80-year-old president Biden has not yet declared his intention to seek reelection.


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