Russia Extends Detention of American Reporter

Sentence EXTENDED - He's Staying Behind Bars!


As per an update on August 24 by TASS, a news agency under Kremlin influence, Russian officials have prolonged the confinement of Evan Gershkovich, an American journalist from the Wall Street Journal. Gershkovich, who was transported to a Moscow court in a prison vehicle, was attired in sneakers, a shirt, and denim pants. He was escorted out by authorities in handcuffs, and the legal proceedings were not open to journalists’ observation.

The news agency highlighted that authorities opted for this action due to the classified nature of the espionage allegations and the legal case against the American journalist. The prosecution had previously requested an extension of Evan Gershkovich’s detention beyond August 30. The reporter from the Wall Street Journal has consistently contested each extension through his legal representatives.

In March, the 31-year-old reporter was apprehended by Russian officials in Yekaterinburg. Evan Gershkovich had been conducting an inquiry into a company linked to the Russian military’s involvement in the February 2022 Ukraine invasion.

Following his arrest, the Federal Security Service, the modern version of the Soviet-era KGB, stated that Gershkovich was operating based on directives from Washington. The agency additionally asserted that Gershkovich had acquired information deemed a “state secret.”

Both the journalist from the Wall Street Journal and the newspaper itself have consistently refuted these allegations. The Biden administration went so far as to label his detention as “unjust.” To date, the specifics of his case remain shrouded in secrecy, with Russian authorities failing to furnish any evidence in support of the espionage charges.

Last August, the US Ambassador to Russia, Lynne Tracy, paid her inaugural visit to Gershkovich and disclosed that he was in good health despite facing difficult circumstances. Held at Moscow’s Lefortovo prison, notorious for its harsh conditions, the 31-year-old reporter continues to endure challenging confinement.

The detention of Gershkovich marked the first instance post-Cold War where Russian authorities apprehended an American journalist within the Eurasian country. The last occurrence took place in 1986 when the KGB arrested Nicholas Daniloff of US News and World Report.


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