Senate Republicans Ditch Speaker Johnson

GOP Split - Senate ABANDONS Johnson on Border


Representative Mike Johnson from Louisiana (a Republican) has mentioned that a potential border bill, despite facing opposition from House Republicans, is progressing with Senate Republicans.

During the weekend, Johnson held a conference call with fellow members, asserting that the border’s security hinged on a Republican occupying the White House. A Fox News report on Saturday indicated skepticism within the House GOP regarding the acceptance of the proposed bill.

This represents the most evident sign so far that an impending border bill, currently under negotiation, may face challenges in gaining White House approval. It could also signify the conclusion of any Congressional efforts to extend additional assistance to Ukraine.

Nevertheless, Senators seem to be overlooking Johnson’s cautionary message. Sources among Senate Republicans highlighted that Johnson has reversed his stance on numerous issues since assuming the gavel in late October. This includes a shift in position on a stopgap spending bill, raising doubts about the prospect of a border bill in the near future.

According to a Senate aide speaking to The Hill, full trust should not be placed in Johnson’s statements. The Senate is expected to take initiative, aiming to make it challenging for the House to disregard their efforts. Senate negotiators, as mentioned by Senator James Lankford from Oklahoma, have been engaged in discussions with the expectation that an agreement will be reached in the next few days.


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