Senator Kennedy Comes Out Swinging Against Biden

Senator Kennedy TORCHES Biden - He Went Too Far!


President Joe Biden addressed an audience on January 26 in Springfield, Virginia. At the US Department of Commerce, the US president talked about the most current economic data issued by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). The figures show that in the fourth quarter of 2022, the real gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States increased by 2.9%. Prior to that, it had a growth rate of 3.2%, which led Biden to claim that the figures demonstrated the success of his economic initiatives.

On January 27, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) made an appearance on “The Story” to discuss the president’s remarks about the economy and his insult to MAGA Republicans. The lawmaker criticized Biden for his record and asserted that he is the only one who believes the economy is robust.

Kennedy referred to Biden’s claim that far-Right GOP lawmakers want to eliminate Medicare and Social Security and allow the country collapse on its debt as a bald-faced falsehood. Biden made the claim during his speech. Even the besieged representative from New York, George Santos (R), wouldn’t make such a claim, the Louisiana senator went so far as to poke fun at him.

Biden reminded the viewers of recent Right-wing legislation that would impose a 30% consumer tax on every purchase made in the United States and accused MAGA Republicans of devising economic ruinous ideas. In order to preserve the economic benefits, the leader declared that the GOP, and MAGA Republicans in particular, “ain’t your father’s Republican party” and vowed to “veto everything they send” to his desk.

The president’s assertions about the economy’s strength and the claimed objectives of the far-right drew a response from Kennedy. He believed that crime was on the rise, that Americans had little faith in the nation’s “institutions,” and that inflation during his administration had reached ridiculous levels. The lawmaker declared that he would “hide his head in a bag” if he had that record.


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