Soros-Backed DA Lets Man Go After 7th DUI Leads to 2 Fatalities

They LET HIM GO - After He KILLED Two People!


The district attorney in Austin, supported by George Soros, is facing criticism for permitting a man with a history of seven DUI incidents resulting in the death of two individuals to be released, with reduced charges and bond.

Last year, 52-year-old Roberto Rangel was arrested for his seventh DUI in Travis County, Texas, after the tragic deaths of 22-year-old Kate Garcia and 23-year-old Mark Narvaez. The fatal incident occurred when Rangel, heavily intoxicated, carelessly parked his vehicle, leading to a collision that claimed the lives of the two young individuals.

Despite Rangel’s long track record of DUIs, spanning from 1989 and a 14-year sentence related to prior DUIs, his most recent charge was downgraded to a DWI a few months after being apprehended.

Additionally, his bail was reduced from $100,000 to $10,000 before he was released. Moreover, his bail conditions were eased earlier this year, including the removal of his portable alcohol monitor.

Elida Zamora, Garcia’s mother, conveyed her astonishment at Rangel’s release, while Hector Narvaez, the father of Mark, criticized the legal system for showing such leniency toward a repeat offender.

In reaction to the incident, an Austin Police officer who chose to remain anonymous conveyed frustration, pointing out that the recurring trend of leniency from the prosecution consistently has an impact on the victims of such tragedies.

There have been continuous attempts to hold Garza responsible, concentrating on examining his acts and looking at ways that a new state law that takes effect on September 1, 2023, might be used to remove him. Both community members and critics hope that Garza’s divisive tenure as district attorney will come to an end.


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