Super PAC Pulls the Plug on Presidential Candidate

They PULLED THE PLUG - Is This the END?


Trust In the Mission PAC, in a communication to its supporters, assured them that it won’t waste its resources on advertising for presidential contender Tim Scott. The message outlined that the general public is not currently inclined towards or prepared for an alternative to former President Donald Trump, who is the leading contender for the GOP nomination.

The organization emphasized that, rather than investing in additional advertisements, its priority would be to continue bolstering its grassroots efforts and door-to-door campaigning in support of the presidential candidate.

Nonetheless, the choice to eliminate the $40 million designated for advertisements in South Carolina, Iowa, and New Hampshire, three pivotal early-voting states in the GOP primary, raises further concerns for Scott. This coincides with a stabilization in his poll numbers and fundraising, adding to the challenges he faces.

In a recent conversation with Fox News Digital, Scott affirmed his commitment to holding campaign events in these initial states. He emphasized that the more he does so, the stronger his prospects become, as he aims to secure the nomination for the party.

Scott, the only African American member of the Republican Party in the Senate, initiated his presidential campaign with a surplus of more than $20 million from his previous re-election in November. Nonetheless, his popularity in these initial states has declined, and he currently holds a modest 1% in the most recent national survey for the Republican primary conducted by Fox News.

In the memo, Rob Collins, co-chair of TIM PAC, emphasized that they’ve carefully evaluated the circumstances, analyzed focus group data, and closely tracked Scott’s campaign activities. Their assessment led them to the conclusion that the voters’ opinions are unlikely to shift through extensive mass media advertising until the election draws nearer.

Collins revealed that they are altering their approach to concentrate on grassroots initiatives, providing Scott with increased chances to interact with voters and earn credibility with caucus-goers.

The decision by the PAC to cancel its media bookings occurs at a moment when Scott’s campaign is struggling to position him as a viable alternative to Trump. As per recent campaign finance reports, the campaign generated almost $4.6 million in funds but incurred expenses of $12.4 million in the third quarter. 

Despite these difficulties, Scott maintains the largest cash reserve for the primary among all contenders apart from Trump.

In a statement from Scott’s campaign, they stressed that their campaign has been constructed with a focus on the long run. They also underscored Scott’s clear positions and robust leadership on a range of concerns.


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