Target-Funded Organization Quietly Pushing Agenda Against US Military

Target GOES AFTER U.S. Military - This Is Wrong!


The protests against Target stem from critics who argue that certain Pride displays promote the transgender agenda to children, causing concern. This has led to a backlash from individuals who oppose the constant promotion of progressive ideals by corporations. However, the situation takes a more alarming turn as it is revealed that Target has been providing financial support to a nonprofit organization that advocates for extremely radical and anti-American policies.

Similar to numerous other companies, Target has implemented a “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) program, which has been particularly intensified since the tragic death of George Floyd in 2020. Due to allegations of promoting swimwear designed for transgender individuals to children, several Target stores have already reduced their Pride product displays for this year. Recently, Fox News conducted an investigation, revealing additional initiatives devised by Target’s DEI team.

Kiera Fernandez, the Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Target, continues to strongly support the progressive agenda. In the past, she has encouraged white women to put more effort into advocating for equality. Recent revelations indicate that her team at Target has been providing financial support to the NDN Collective, a nonprofit organization based in South Dakota that promotes critical race theory.

One of the prominent causes supported by the NDN Collective is the transfer of all public lands in South Dakota to Native Americans. The group asserts that Mount Rushmore, in particular, was stolen and has become a global symbol of white supremacy, which deeply offends indigenous tribes. Consequently, the NDN Collective seeks to permanently close this popular monument to visitors.

The NDN Collective expresses strong disapproval towards the US military, characterizing it as a violent institution that actively participates in displacing communities worldwide. They are demanding the demilitarization of the military branches, although the specifics of what a demilitarized military would entail remain unclear.

Furthermore, the organization opposes the construction of a new police training facility in Atlanta, Georgia, which has also been targeted by domestic terrorists. Additionally, they advocate for the cessation of all US military aid to Israel.

Target has yet to provide a response to the investigation by Fox News, while the NDN Collective has voiced their dissatisfaction with what they perceive as an attack from the right-wing.


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