Texas Announces Plan to Establish Military Base at Eagle Pass

Federal Government DEFIED - Look What He's Doing Now!


The Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has declared his intention to construct a military installation in the town of Eagle Pass, which is located on the state’s border. This installation will support the National Guard’s regional efforts to deter the entry of illegal immigrants into the United States. During a press conference, Abbott said that the 1,800 National Guardsmen who will be stationed at the site will help the Texas Military Department’s soldiers perform better. The target completion date for the first stage of the project is April, with 300 beds being available.

The 80-acre compound by the Rio Grande will be home to up to 2,300 troops at Forward Operating Base Eagle. The state will be able to gather a large army in a strategically important area, according to Abbott.

Transporting undocumented immigrants to sanctuary areas ruled by Democrats has cost Texas more than $124 million in less than two years, prompting the revelation. In a lawsuit filed months ago, the Justice Department ordered the Texas government to remove barbed wire fences from the border. Despite Democrats’ criticism of razor wire as “cruel,” the Supreme Court permitted border authorities to cut the wire in January 2024. However, the Texas National Guard has persisted in erecting further wire.

Abbott has laid the blame for the Border Crisis and irresponsible immigration policies on President Joe Biden’s administration, which administration the state has persistently disobeyed. The US-Mexico border is now under Texas control, but officials there defied a directive from Biden’s administration in January to grant border control agents access. Abbott stated that the state would no longer permit border control agents onto the site, and state attorney general Ken Paxton disregarded directives to cease controlling the Shelby Park entrance point. Abbott authorized the arrest and incarceration of thousands of undocumented immigrants on trespassing charges, further undercutting the Democrats.

More than ten million people have reportedly crossed the border illegally since Biden became president. Biden has accused Republicans of leveraging their refusal to fund border security for political gain, while Republicans point the finger at the president’s administration for the unprecedented numbers of crossings. As Democrats persist in pressing Texas to comply, the president has pledged to establish a more humane and organized way to handle the situation.


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