The First Openly Gay AG Is Finding Herself In A Lot Of Hot Water


The state of Michigan’s first openly gay attorney general is in deep water after saying that every school should have a drag queen.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Dana Nessel made contentious remarks during a civil rights summit in Lansing, Michigan.

“Drag queens improve everything.” In an article filed by Detroit News writer Craig Mauger, the attorney general is cited as adding, “Drag queens are fun.”

“Every school needs a drag queen,” she continued. Nessel acknowledged her statement had not been poll-tested, according to Mauger.

Matt DePerno, the Republican attorney general candidate, wasted no time in slamming Nessel for her bizarre remarks.

Nessel was chastised by DePerno for supporting school lockdowns during the coronavirus outbreak.

Third-graders are falling behind in reading, our test results are among the lowest in the country as a result of the catastrophic COVID lockdowns, and she wants drag performances for kindergarteners.

Tudor Dixon, a Republican candidate for governor of Michigan, also slammed Nessel for his remarks.

In the national discussion over sex and gender roles, drag shows in public schools have become a divisive subject. Several incidents when drag performances were staged for children at high schools without parental authorization have enraged parents. A drag show was performed after school hours in a meeting of the Genders Sexualities Alliance club in Pennsylvania.

In March 2021, Nessal made news when she acknowledged being politically motivated when she filed charges against a restaurant owner for violating pandemic lockdown guidelines.

We have liberals all over the place, especially among the LGBTQ community, who want to push schools to teach young children about sexuality and gender identity, which is something that children should not be concerned with until they are much older.

Fortunately, there are those with backbones like Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis who are ready to stand up and safeguard our communities’ most vulnerable residents by ensuring that kids are not brainwashed with this garbage without their parents’ consent.


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