Thieves Steal Thousands From Republican Campaigns

GOP Campaigns Targeted by Thief - Funds STOLEN!


Thousands of dollars were stolen from the campaigns of two House Republicans, according to Federal Election Commission reports.

According to FEC filings, Florida Representative Neal Dunn lost $10,855 as a result of check fraud, while South Carolina Representative Russell Fry had $2,607.98 stolen. The first source to expose the crimes was Raw Story, which claimed that thieves spent money from Fry’s campaign at Nordstrom, The North Face, Safeway, and Walgreens. Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas, a Republican, was also recently a victim of fraud when criminals stole $700,000 from his campaign accounts.

“On November 18, 2022, it was discovered that a fraudulent check was posted to the Friends of Neal Dunn bank account as of November 3, 2022. After an internal review, it was determined that the committee was victimized by an external check fraud situation. The committee immediately notified the bank of the fraud and froze the account.”

Seven bogus charges were made against Fry in early November, four at Safeway and one each at Walgreens, Nordstrom, and The North Face, according to Fry’s FEC filings. Despite Fry’s representation of South Carolina, all of the accusations were made at stores in Seattle, Washington.

“Unfortunately, like many Americans, our debit card information was stolen and used without our permission. This incident highlights the threats Americans face and the importance of companies securing our card data. Thankfully, all funds were returned.”

A report from Insider Intelligence claims that thieves stole more than $12 billion through fraudulent card transactions in 2022.


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