Top Democratic Strategist Suggests Biden Should Drop Out



David Axelrod is not new to the political scene. At the age of 13, he engaged in campaigning for Robert F. Kennedy by selling campaign buttons. Transitioning from years of experience as a political writer, Axelrod established a political consulting firm in 1985. Over the following two decades, he gained recognition as a Democratic strategist. In 2008, he joined the team of then-Senator Barack Obama.

Axelrod became known as the mastermind behind the triumph of Obama’s political campaigns in both 2008 and 2012. He worked closely with the 44th president and then-Vice President Joe Biden during his time at the White House. Despite the passage of a decade, Axelrod continues to actively participate in political affairs, and he stirred up a debate with a recent comment about Biden’s reelection bid.

On November 5, Axelrod utilized the platform X (formerly Twitter) to voice reservations about Biden’s reelection efforts. He posted a snapshot of a Sienna College and The New York Times poll indicating that former President Donald Trump was leading the current president in five out of the six battleground states. Numerous political analysts have emphasized the anticipated tightness of the race, and the potential loss of five battleground states could significantly diminish Biden’s likelihood of securing victory.

Axelrod conveyed that Biden’s aides have affirmed his candidacy for the upcoming year. The former strategist of Obama expressed concerns that he considers legitimate, not mere apprehensions. His primary worry revolves around the unalterable aspect of Biden’s age. At 81 years old this month, the current president holds the distinction of being the oldest to serve in the nation’s history. Axelrod emphasized the unidirectional nature of the aging process as a key factor in his unease about Biden’s potential reelection.

Axelrod wrapped up his series of messages by asserting that Biden will need to make a decision regarding whether to withdraw from the race. If the president chooses to remain in the competition, he will become the nominee for the party. The crucial determination, according to Axelrod, is whether such a decision is judicious and aligns with the best interests of both Biden himself and the United States.

Despite the reluctance of Biden’s aides to entertain the idea, Axelrod is expressing concern that the president could potentially be a factor leading to Democrats losing the election. This is the primary apprehension that Axelrod is grappling with.


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