Top Lawyer Demands Biden Impeachment

Top Lawyer DEMANDS Biden Impeachment


After an unclassified whistleblower revelation allegedly linked Joe Biden to a criminal bribery conspiracy with a foreign person, top legal expert Gregg Jarrett called for Biden’s impeachment during an interview on Sean Hannity’s show last night. The new information adds to the pile of data suggesting malfeasance on the part of Biden and his son Hunter.

Jarrett notes that the paper implicates Joe Biden in a “criminal scheme” in which monetary rewards were offered in exchange for favorable government action. More people are now calling for the President to be impeached after this report and additional proof of Biden’s possible involvement in questionable dealings became public.

Jarrett pointed out that beyond constituting a crime, the allegations against Biden rise to the level of impeachment under the Constitution. The President can be removed from office for “treason and bribery,” given the seriousness of the allegations against him.


New information concerning former acting CIA Director Mike Morell’s efforts to aid Joe Biden in the 2020 race was disclosed in a bombshell email received by JustTheNews on Thursday afternoon. In an email to Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan, former CIA Director Mike Morrell revealed an effort to rally opposition to Trump in advance of the 2020 election.

In 2020, 51 spies signed a letter saying they had evidence the Hunter Biden laptop allegation was fake news and maybe the work of the Russian government. This newly disclosed email provides further context for the letter’s coordination. In particular, the letter was written to provide “talking points” for Biden to use in his upcoming 2020 debates with President Trump.

According to John Solomon, “This is the ultimate proof that what went out on that letter was a political dirty trick coordinated with the Biden campaign.”

Solomon continued, “A man with a security clearance, a man with the title of CIA director, knew that he wasn’t creating an intelligence product, American civic duty with 51 people. He was trying to create a political moment.”

False accusations against Joe Biden have been made before.

Hunter Biden’s laptop is full with contracts showing how he made money by promising his father’s influence and using his father’s access to others. Many on the left and in the mainstream media have been skeptical of the charges, but as Jarrett has pointed out, the evidence is overwhelming and cannot be ignored.

The next question is whether or not Representative Comer will be able to obtain this supposed smoking gun evidence.

Jarrett is skeptical, citing the “shameful track record” of the DOJ and FBI in concealing damning records. He suggests that they may claim the document is now “classified” to avoid releasing it.

The American people, however, need to know the truth if the claims are accurate. From the beginning, the Biden administration has been mired in scandal and controversy, and if these most recent charges turn out to be accurate, it will be a devastating blow to the President’s and the government’s reputation.

Based on the email we have, Morrell requested Brennan’s signature on the letter so that the Biden campaign would have a “talking point to push back on Trump on this issue” at the upcoming presidential debate. This astonishing confession proves the letter was an elaborate political ruse to benefit Biden’s election campaign.


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