Treasure Hunter FINDS 40k Ring Buried In The Sand!


This Christmas, a treasure hunter from Florida might be celebrating after discovering a pricey diamond ring on a beach. The Good Samaritan instead shared information about his discovery online. It’s now back with its original owner.

In October, Joseph Cook, 37, used a metal detector to look for valuables on a beach in St. Augustine, Florida. In a video he shared online, he can be seen digging in the sand in search of a coin when, to his surprise, he discovers a platinum and diamond engagement ring. Cook exclaimed, “This is the biggest diamond I ever found on the beach,” as he inspected his find, but a week later, when he took it to a jeweler, he was shocked to learn it was worth $40,000.

However, Joseph Cook uploaded his footage on the internet rather than selling the ring. Two weeks later, the owner of the ring called him and expressed how happy they were to have it back.

Therefore, why did Cook forego thousands of dollars? He turns out to be a treasure hunter with a twist—he looks for lost objects on the beach before returning them to their rightful owners.

According to Cook, who believes in karma and claims that returning things to their owners makes him happy, he has already returned $60,000 in recovered property this year and has “a necklace with about 25 to 30 rings on it, just so I can return them to their owners.” That is a respectable way to live.


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