Trump Gets Shocking Endorsement From Activist Leader

UNEXPECTED Endorsement - Trump Smiling Wide!


Black voters have consistently supported Democratic candidates throughout history. They used to be loyal Leftists, but in recent years they’ve begun to stray. It seems like President Joe Biden is really struggling to connect with that demographic.

Black Lives Matter Rhode Island co-founder Mark Fisher spoke on “FOX & Friends” on November 28 on the reasons Black people are beginning to defect from the Democratic Party. Former President Donald Trump received the support of twelve percent of Black voters in 2020. The New York Times and Siena College conducted a study in October that found 22% of Black voters will vote for Trump in 2024 if he is the Republican nominee.

Fisher claimed the reason for the shift is “the duplicity of the Democrats, the hypocrisy.” He went on to say that black people aren’t “stupid,” and they know the Democratic Party isn’t for them. The BLM co-founder said the Left wants to enact policies that “strike at the heart of the black family and the nuclear family.”

Fisher endorsed Trump, saying the former president has “done more for the black community than any president” in his lifetime. He said black people who are still voting for the Democratic Party are “misinformed” and haven’t educated themselves on Trump’s history and policies. However, Fisher expressed hope that the change in his community would “be organic” because he loves the former president.

Trump expressed his gratitude to Fisher for the support.

The endorsement was the target of an attack by Trump’s main opponent, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The ex-president praised what he said was Black Lives Matter’s praise of Trump, adding that it “makes perfect sense.”

During the 2020 BLM marches, DeSantis asserted, rioters burned down cities and Trump did nothing but tweet “LAW & ORDER” from the White House.

Trump has surpassed Biden in numerous surveys and is currently dominating the primary field. Fisher stated, “[E]verybody else sucks” when asked about his choice of the former president.


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