Trump Hit Hard in Landmark Ruling

Trump Case UPDATE - Decision Is IN!


The fact that Trump was commander-in-chief at one point does not provide him protection from federal prosecution, according to a three-judge panel of the DC Circuit of the US Court of Appeals.

Former President Trump, now known as citizen Trump, is allegedly entitled to the same defenses as any other defendant in a criminal action- no more, no less.

The judgment comes after Trump’s legal team insisted for a month that their client had immunity from federal prosecution due to his status as a former president. Criminal conduct such as accepting bribes to influence government contracts or selling nuclear secrets to foreign foes would be made simpler, according to the special counsel’s attorneys, who argued that this would limit presidential power.

Since the president is constitutionally committed to ensure the protection of laws, the justices found it strange that he is the only authority who may potentially defy the law without facing consequences.

Steven Cheung, a spokesman for Trump, has stated that the former president intends to preserve the presidency and the Constitution by challenging the DC Circuit’s decision.

Concerned that the other party may swiftly file criminal charges against departing presidents in the absence of immunity, the Trump team expressed their concern in a statement. They contend that the President of the US would be unable to do his job without complete security.

Justice Karen L. Henderson contended that it is ridiculous for presidents to swear to faithfully execute the laws while simultaneously disobeying them while enjoying legal protection. Lifetime immunity for ex-presidents, according to some justices, would render the president immune from prosecution in all three levels of government, thus dismantling our system of separation of powers.

In his campaign for reelection, the former president dropped hints that he could seek the dismissal of federal charges in Washington, DC and Florida. Speculation has been circulating that the president may wish to delay the trial of the election tampering case against him in Fulton County, Georgia until 2029, according to a Trump attorney in Georgia.


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