Trump Makes Endorsements for RNC Leadership

Trump Makes ENDORSEMENTS - What To Know!


Ex-President Donald Trump has stirred GOP chatter anew by revealing his preferred candidates for key roles in the Republican National Committee (RNC). He endorsed Michael Whatley (R-NC) for Chairman, Lara Trump for Co-Chair, and political strategist Chris LaCivita for Chief Operating Officer, as per a statement issued on February 12th.

Trump commended Whatley, who presently holds the position of leader within the North Carolina Republican Party, for his consistent loyalty to the former president throughout the years.

Shifting focus to his choice for Co-Chair, Trump expressed admiration for his daughter-in-law Lara Trump, highlighting her commitment to the MAGA movement and its core principles. He described her as a skilled communicator and confirmed her willingness to take on the role once again.

Next, Trump directed his attention to Chris LaCivita, the founder of FP1 Strategies, who concurrently holds a senior advisory position in his 2024 election campaign. Trump voiced unwavering trust in LaCivita’s capacity to revamp the RNC into a potent entity for the forthcoming 2024 election, highlighting his knack for utilizing resources effectively to secure victory for the American populace.

Confusion persists over the topic of whether Trump was premature in seeking a new RNC leader. Early in February, there were rumors circulating that Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel had told the former president she intended to step down at a visit at Mar-a-Lago. On February 5, Trump seemed to even corroborate the encounter in a post on Truth Social.

Nevertheless, McDaniel has not officially stated that she intends to resign. “I am still hard at work as RNC Chairwoman,” McDaniel said in a statement that RNC officials provided with NBC News. She also expressed her commitment to helping Republicans win seats in the upcoming election. 

In addition, McDaniel indicated that her staff members were deliberately tuning out outside commentary and that nothing would change until after the conclusion of the South Carolina primary on February 24. Following the primary, a decision on McDaniel’s future is expected to be made, according to her and other RNC insiders.


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